Delivered to Queensland

Fully assembled and tested here on the Sunshine Coast for Australian conditions, and delivered to Queensland. They are constructed on a solid reinforced concrete base, with pressed Italian clay tiles laid on top, for amazing heat retention. All oven parts are fully imported from Italy, the home of the wood-fired pizza, and assembled for you.
The exterior of your oven is rendered in cement and finished in the colour of your choice. They come complete with brick arch, decorative polished granite shelf and a digital LASER temperature gauge. 
Installation for these ovens is easy; you need a base of concrete or hebel blocks or a metal stand, ensuring that the base can carry more than 1.5 tones. The oven is then securely put in place by a crane that we organise. You can then light your fire and start cooking right away. It's that easy!   


Model name:                               FVR100A
Inside dimensions cm:               100x100
Mouth cm:                                    48x29
Total weight Kg:                           1500
Flue manifold (Ø) cm:                  20
Pizza capacity (Ø 28/30cm):      6 - 8
Indicative heating time
(from cold oven to 300°C) min:   30 - 40
Oven on bessa block stand
On square stand with mini orb
complete oven on metal stand
On metal stand
Oven on metal stand
  • We take care of everything.
  • Fully Assembled and tested here on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Constructed on a solid reinforced concrete base.
  • Built up from there with fully imported parts from Italy.
  • Finished off with the outside layer and painted colour of your choice.
  • We test each oven with a fire inside, to ensure they're fully functional, for you to use right away.


Accessories complete the experience, and we supply all tools you need as a set of 3.

Your set includes:

  • Large pizza loader.
  • Pizza turner.
  • Brass cleaning brush.
Come and view an oven in action, at our factory in North Arm on the Sunshine Coast!