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Can I view before buying?

Definitely. Please give us a call or use the form below to tell us when you can come to our factory and see the ovens in person. 

Where does the wood go, and how do I start the fire?

The fire is started on the inside, to the left or right side, with hardwood timber, twigs, pine-cones and newspaper. No firestarters are required. 

Does my oven come with a door?

Yes, your oven comes with a black metal door, which is only used when cooking things like breads or when you have finished using the oven.

What kind of stand do I need?

You oven goes on a metal stand, besser block stand or hebel stand that can easily take the weight of 2 tonnes.

What can I cook in it?

You can cook anything in your wood fire oven that you can in an indoor gas or electric oven. 

How do I cook pizzas?
  1. Start your fire, using hardwood.
  2. Check the temperature gauge (included) and wait for your oven to be 300oC (30 to 40 minutes).
  3. Slide 6 to 8 pizzas inside, directly onto the clay floor.
  4. Within 1 to 3 minutes, your pizzas are cooked!
How much hardwood will I need?

Just 4kg of hardwood per hour.

How long does it take to heat up?

30 to 35 minutes is the normal pre-heating time.

How hot does the outside of the oven get?

It doesn't! The heat stays inside your oven! We had an oven at the Brisbane EKKA which was constantly on for 10 days, and the outside was cold to the touch at all times. 

Is the oven floor self cleaning?

Yes, just cover the oven floor with the coals, when you've finished cooking, and brush it off the next day.

What is the estimated oven lifetime?

A lifetime, with simple care.

What are the ovens made of?

The inside shell is made from volcanic clay from the Florence region in Italy, and the floor from specially sourced Italian clay, with a very high Alumina content, for excellent heat transfer and retention. 

Then, there is a ceramic wool, for the basic insulation. Most importantly, there is a 200mm thick concrete and Vermiculite insulation around this, giving the perfect amount of heat retention!

How can I tell the inside temperature?

Your oven comes with an electronic thermometer, that's exclusive to us, so you can check it's 300 - 350oC before baking.

Can I move my oven, if I relocate houses?

Yes, your oven is built on a fully floating concrete slab, with proper transport holes.

What size should a good oven be?

If an oven is too small, you cannot cook your food properly as it will burn. If your oven is too large, it wastes a lot of energy. We've done a lot of experiments and trials and believe very strongly that the best solution is an oven with a 1 metre diameter inside. 

How many pizzas have you cooked in the same oven?

We sell pizzas at shows and have used the same oven to cook over 5000 pizzas!

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