Our ovens are called VALORIANI wood fired ovens, and they're all made from very special Italian volcanic clay. Italy is the home of the wood-fired pizza, so we're excited about making them available in Australia.
We have 2 ovens.
1. Model FVR100A, Fully assembled and tested,
2. Model FVR100D, as a DIY kit,
A good pizza requires a very high temperature of 300C, and this is what our ovens deliver! Pizzas are cooked directly on the volcanic clay floor (no metal tray required).
The versatility of our wood fire ovens is just incredible. They not only cook the best pizzas, but also bread, meats, sausages & fish will cook perfectly in a very short time.
You'll be surprised how economical your oven is to run. Cooking time for pizzas is just 1 to 3 minutes! Very high temperatures are achieved with just 4 kg of hard wood per hour, and your oven's capacity allows you to cook up to 6-8 pizza’s at one time!      
The ovens are a beautiful feature for your entertainment area and are easy to use, versatile, efficient and have a low maintenance factor. 
Accessories complete the experience and we supply all the necessary tools depending on your requirements. Tools include a Set of 3 (large pizza loader, pizza turner and brass cleaning brush) and all other pizza accessories.    
We have a demonstration oven at our factory to allow you to experience the wood fire pizzas before you buy.
Please ask full list of our imported accessories.
We look forward to showing to you our beautiful ovens very soon.   
Kind regards        
Pauline & Franz Schembera       
Wood Fire Ovens Queensland